Molotow GRAFX aqua ink - Main kit 1 (12 marker kit)

The world’s first ready-to-use AQUA INK PUMP SOFTLINER with a water-based special ink. Ideal for all applications in watercolor and colorize. The double patented marker technology MADE IN GERMANY, allows the exchange of the brush tip, the easy mixing and the clean relling of the ink (with the MOLOTOW REFILL EXTENSION). The intensive inks are food-safe and for that reason harmless to children. So, it is a perfect tool for all small and professional artists

12 x GRAFX Aqua Ink Pump Softliner (1 mm Brush-Tip)

AI.01 primary yellow
AI.03 orange
AI.05 vermilion
AI.08 pink
AI.10 purple
AI.11 primary blue
AI.12 cyan
AI.13 turquoise
AI.15 dark green
AI.16 yellow green
AI.19 brown
AI.22 deep black

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