Molotow 220pp - 4mm (Permanent Paint Marker)

The 220PP marker with 4 mm stroke width is the ideal tool for applying paint on almost all smooth and rough surfaces. The permanent alcohol-based ink is opaque, glossy and quick-drying. 

The marker is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Refilling the 220PP marker works easy and clean - this protects the environment in terms of the MOLOTOW™ R.E.M.™ technology and brings almost endless possibilities for mixing individual color shades.






-For nearly all smooth and rough surfaces

-For indoor and outdoor use

-13 color shades, 13 refills

-Consistent paint flow due to FLOWMASTER™ valve

-4 mm High-Flow tip


-Exchangeable tips


In stock
In stock



Traffic Red
Zinc Yellow
Signal White
Gold Gold
Copper Copper
Signal Black
Melon Yellow



Tulip Blue
Shock Blue Middle
Cream Green
Chrome Chrome
Fushia Pink

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