Molotow 128PP (Fine Liner) 1mm

128PP Finemarker with 1mm tip, alcohol-based.

Complementary to the GRAFX™ twin-marker series there is the new GRAFX™ Fine-Liner.
An excellent fine-art tool for the most filigree art-works.
This graphic marker is equipped with an extra-fine 1 mm specialtech tip and the patented capillary system (for controlled and even paint-flow).  It's alcohol-based highly pigmented permanent paint is suitable for sketch books as well as for canvases and many other surfaces.
The 1mm extra-fine tip is perfect for outlining, sketching and setting highlights, in addition to that the tip can be upgraded to 2 mm by simply exchanging it. GRAFX™ Fine-Liners are available in 5 opaque metallic colors.
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In stock
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