Modart No2- Highbrow Lowbrow Nobrow

256 Pages, full color, hardcover: In their second volume, Modart coins a new term, “Moussism” to describe a post-everything era in the arts. According to the editors, Moussism is a non-traditional community based movement, which is not limited to a period, place or classical notion of aesthetics, discipline, medium, ideology or style.

Artists such as David Shrigley, Nomad, Will Barras, Jeroen Jongeleen (Influenza) and East Eric are selected within to illustrate the concept of Moussism for their emphasis on a gestural approach.
In the second half of the book, “Real Fiction,” the viewer is treated to the latest and greatest work from artists like Nomad, Boris Hoppek, Logan Hicks, Smash137, Just, Swanski and Alex Diamond.
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