1. Writer Stories #4

    On 212 brightly colored pages, #4 of Writer Stories magazine again offers rolling steel in its most beautiful shapes and colors. The focus is on Deutsche Bahn trains, but there are also side trips to Italy and Belgium. In addition, DART takes us to Scandinavia in one of the four specials, while PROST presents us some red steel from the Rhine-Neckar region.

    In two further specials, NOSK (OF, PSA), who died in December, and SMOOTH from the BLOW and LOBBY crew are honored.

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  2. Berlin Writers

    Berlin Writers is huge 268 page graffiti Art Magazine with tags, thow ups, sketches and tons of metro panel hits. Really a quality Magazine.

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  3. Auri Sacra Fames 5

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is issue number 5! The Urban Media Auri Sacra Fames #5 Magazine finally arrived in our store and it's bigger and better than ever! High quality and high def pics of walls, halls and of course every sort of rolling steel can be found in this issue.

    Famous writers like Cream, IMK, or DRM are documented in this mag and tell their stories in interviews.

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  4. Taggsatnight

    The Kiel- Taggsatnight Team is proud to present their first printed publication of their Taggsatnight Book. The book, which has been waiting patiently for the last two years to be released, shows an insight of the archives of the team as they have traveled throughout Germany! 
    The focus of the first issue is based in Kiel, situated in the north of Germany. Portrayed over a fantastic 164 page spread, this book allows you to admire the very best Train and Street Flicks that Northern Germany has to offer! 
    Represented Crews in this book: 
    - COS
    - GND
    - OBK
    - OWL
    - and many more
    Hardcover, 164 pages, Format: DIN A4, Language: German



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