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Ironlak are always a step ahead. They were the first to bless the graff world with a truly affordable can that was quite decent and only got better and better throughout the years. Now that the Lak line has been well established for a while, they are at it again, this time with a new line called Kolour. The concept was simple and effective. Take the most popular colors and boil it down to 24 high covering choices for less than four dollars a pop. Break the rules not your wallet with Kolour spray paint.

Kolour Spray Paint

Kolour is a truly affordable spray that gets the job done and way beyond. The only true compromise is the fact that that there are only 24 carefully selected Kolours to choose from. Otherwise, each one of them is to the standard of any major player but at a fraction of the price. Bold and opaque colors, variable pressure valve and consistency are key and Kolour delivers on all three fronts remarkably well. Sometimes less is more and with Kolour you get more for less. Quick drying acrylic paint with a slick and simple design in a fun to use can with an unbeatable price tag, aka Kolour.

  1. Kolour 400ml

    Easy on the eyes, easier on the wallet. Variable pressure paint, high covering power. 400ml. Kolour spray paint is a quick-dry, high opacity gloss acrylic paint developed to cater for the cost-conscious customer.

    Currently available in 23 kolours, this line offers great coverage and control at a fair price. For outdoor use. Kolour is fully compatible with all Ironlak products.

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Bombing Science Kolour Shop

At Bombing Science, we are committed to providing you with the best that the writing world has to offer. One of the most exciting things to have happened since the discovery of fat caps is Kolour paint. It’s back to basics with Kolour, delivering hard hitting, classic colors in a spray-can that has a perfect amount of pressure for most spraying activities. You can find all the 24 Kolours right here, at the official Bombing Science Kolour store. Don’t miss out on the fun, grab your Kolours and hit some walls without hitting heavy on your bank statement.

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