Only for a few days 

For each 6 Ironlak cans at regular price purchased, get one FREE! Up to 12 free cans per order. Time to stock up on quality paint. Use these codes at checkout:

Buy 6 cans, get 1 free: IRONLAK1
Buy 12 cans, get 2 free: IRONLAK2
Buy 18 cans, get 3 free: IRONLAK3
Buy 24 cans, get 4 free: IRONLAK4
Buy 30 cans, get 5 free: IRONLAK5
Buy 36 cans, get 6 free: IRONLAK6
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Buy 60 cans, get 10 free: IRONLAK10
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*Free cans color selected randomly. Minimum order quantity is for Ironlak cans at regular price only (no packs or discounted items)

We are in the process of adding new products.

Check back shortly. Thank you for your patience!