Grog Cutter 15 XFP

Equipped with 15mm Quickflow™ tip, this Cutter will stick to ya hands. A real classic for any tagging lover, revised and improved but, mostly, refillable on and on!

Refill with Xtra Flow Paint 100

Death Black
Goldrake Purple
Diving Blue
Iceberg Blue
Obitory Green
Hoffman Green
Ferrari Red
Clockwork Orange
Bogotà White
Burning Chrome
Neon Green
Neon Fuchsia
Jellyfish Fuchsia
Flash Yellow
Laser Green
Miami Green

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  • It's grog
    Review by Scoe / (Posted on 3/15/2018)
    So you can expect a certain level of class, smoothness and control. Great marker for filling in large areas. If you're using on canvas or whatever be sure to have scrap paper handy to get paint flow this will puddle no joke when it comes to 'xtra flow paint"
  • Smooth
    Review by 42 / (Posted on 12/10/2017)
    Its smooth AF this is now my go to
  • gud
    Review by DR. SHITPOSTER / (Posted on 9/15/2017)
    it gud
  • Nice marker
    Review by Smog / (Posted on 8/25/2017)
    Great marker, just make sure to stay on smooth surfaces like metal. Very happy with this product
  • Nice marker
    Review by Eric / (Posted on 3/25/2017)
    Perfect marker for medium-large canvases.
  • Cool
    Review by Ghost / (Posted on 12/28/2016)
    It's a good marker , leaks a bit into the cap if in your pocket or bag but overall it has a great opacity and dries really nice
  • Passable, not great
    Review by Martin / (Posted on 12/8/2016)
    Holds less paint than any other brand, jellyfish fuscia color misrepresented. It's advertisers as a real bright color, it's more like a dark pale pink.
  • Bad Asf
    Review by ESKE One / (Posted on 6/10/2016)
    this grog cutter is pretty clean asf, it's nice in pink. it stands out on almost any surface!
  • great marker
    Review by Fart Knocker / (Posted on 5/22/2016)
    I have no clue what the guy below me is saying. he must have been riding on some very dirty surfaces. this marker works great as long as you take care of it. all in all paint flows well dries quick and gets the job done.

    A little tip: always wipe a surface off before you write on it, this goes for almost any marker. if you want to take care of your markers always do this.

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