We live in a new era, where compassion and inclusivity are at the forefront of our society. As we evolve, we let go of ancient ideas and pick up new traditions with holidays that are more relevant to our modern lifestyles. This is why the dreaded Columbus Day has been officially replaced by the Graffiti Appreciation Day.

For far too long writers across the globe have been demonized, prosecuted and unfairly jailed for simply expressing themselves with this forward-thinking art-form. Far too many artists are forced to live double lives, hiding their true identity from a society that vilifies them. However, things have changed and today we are living in a new world. Graffiti Appreciation Day is a manifestation of our progress. We chose to live in a society that embraces art rather than punishes it.

On this special day, the whole nation is taking a day off to honor you. Yes, YOU fellow graffiti writer.

To celebrate this historic occasion, Bombing Science is having a sale from today all the way to the 14th of October, aka Graffiti Appreciation Day.

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