You are looking at the widest selection of graffiti markers and ink refills online. Mops, paint sticks, chisel tips, steel heads, ultra wide, extra fine or extremely drippy, it is all found here. We have tons of ink and paint refills as well as empty markers and replacement nibs in all shapes and sizes. Get your hands on the best selling markers from the most official brands. Molotow, Krink, Grog, OTR, Junobo, Block By Block and much more. Only at Bombing Science.  

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  1. Molotow 227HS Marker

    4mm tip, paint marker - Exchangeable 4 mm round tip. - Acrylic-based. - Higly pigmented, silk matt. - For nearly all surfaces. - Highly opaque, fast drying. - Good UV resistance. - Dilutable with water (for transparency effects) or acetone. Replacement nibs are available here.

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  2. Molotow One4All Acrylic twin markers

    The sustainable ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system with 2 tips has been built to refill and is always reliable in all its functions. A low wear and numerous possible applications offer an added value to these markers.
    Now available in 12 colors and with improved 1,5 mm round-tip.

    • acrylic-based
    • highly opaque
    • permanent
    • good UV resistance
    • for nearly all surfaces (check surface first)
    • 12 colors
    • refillable
    • mixable

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  3. Molotow Dripstick Mop empty (25mm)

    25mm nib, empty mop- The first Molotow mops available! The new MOLOTOW™ DRIPSTICK™ sets standards and makes the writer‘s life even easier. Never again getting your hands dirty while refilling, due to the unique Eazy-Refill sytem with screw-on tankcap. The super-soft Eazy-Squeeeze body makes the fattest drips imaginable ... with minimum pressure. The DRIPSTICK™ is constructed in a way that gives the nib maximum hold, no matter how hard you‘re squeezing. Especially recommendable as refills are the MOLOTOW™ Cocktails SpeedflowTM and CoversAll™ . But actually DRIPSTICK™ works with any other refill, too.

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  4. Molotow 127HS marker

    2mm tip, paint marker - Exchangeable 2 mm fine nib. - Acrylic-based. - Higly pigmented, silk matt. - For nearly all surfaces. - Highly opaque, fast drying. - Good UV resistance. - Dilutable with water (for transparency effects) or acetone. Replacement nibs are available here.

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  5. Molotow Scrawl Stick

    This soft wax marker is everytime ready thanks to its rotating mechanism.

    Due to the high color intensity, the good opacity and the creamy texture, you can tag on nearly all surfaces with this marker, even under water!

    The marker is available in 4 color shades.

    • vividly colored wax marker
    • creamy texture
    • matt
    • opaque
    • limited permanence, not abrasion-proof
    • temperature stable
    • for nearly all surfaces
    • usable under water
    • 4 color shades
    • plastic sleeve with rotary slide

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  6. Stylefile 12 Brush Marker Set (Pastel)

    With the Stylefile Marker Brush 12er Pastel Set, you get a selection of 12 harmonious Pastel shades from the available 124 extensive color palette.

    Much like the Stylefile Marker, the Brush Marker is distinguished by its brush tip- with line widths ranging from 1 to 6 mm. On the opposite side of the marker there is a Chisel tip, which is perfect for coloring large areas, fast!

    - ergonomic design, good feel
    - Chisel and Brush Tip
    - Color and Tip markings on the caps
    - Roll stop
    - A constant color flow, rich colors without Xylene
    - Best results on Stylefile marker Black books
    - Tips from the international market leader
    - Refillable

    152 (barium yellow)
    156 (pastel yellow)
    202 (salmon pink)
    300 (pastel peach)
    316 (pastel rose)
    416 (pale blue violet)
    420 (pastel pink)
    426 (pastel violet)
    450 (pale purple)
    454 (cerise)
    514 (pastel blue)
    670 (pale green)

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  7. Molotow 127Hs (20 markers ) Main kit 1

    This special set includes 18 Molotow 127HS markers and 2 Molotow 127HS-EF Fine Liners. Exchangeable 2 mm round tip / 2mm fine nib acrylic-based Highly pigmented, silk matt For nearly all surfaces Highly opaque, fast drying Good UV resistance Dilutable with water (for transparency effects) or acetone (1-3% for permanence on greasy or very smooth surfaces) Easy, fast & clean refillable with MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION Patented capillary system

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  8. OTR.005 (Soultip 30ml)

    0.45" tip, empty marker- The OTR.005 is the mini version of the Soultip marker. Comes with a 30ml container, you can refill it with the ink or paint of your choice. The best small empty mop availible on the market. The felt nib is resistant to abrasion and the body of the marker is made with a soft plastic for superior flow control. Pocket size.

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  9. Ironlak 1mm Paint Pump Marker

    The classic Paint Pump Markers by Ironlak. New series- 1mm Round tip. Vivid colours, amazing opacity. 

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  10. Stylefile Acrylic Marker

    The stylefile marker acrylic is made in Germany and comes with a 4-mm round tip. The water-based, highly opaque acrylic colour is quick drying, UV resistant, and in addition ideal for various surfaces. Also, the innovative pump system guarantees a perfect ink flow.

    • Designed and made in Germany
    • Highly opaque and quick drying
    • UV resistant
    • Water-based acrylic colour
    • Ideal for various surfaces such as paper, cardboard, canvas, textile, degreased plastic/synthetic and many more

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  11. Ironlak 45ml Alcohol dye Ink

    Ironlak 45ml Alcohol based dye ink is perfect for refilling all your empty markers or refilling the Oozie ink mops. Very permanent easy-flow ink. Availible in 7 colors. 45ml.

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  12. Ironlak 10mm Oozie paint mop

    Ironlak Oozie Paint Mops are designed to offer artists a range of techniques on a variety of surfaces, both in the studio and outside. A soft, squeezable marker body – filled with permanent, alcohol based acrylic paint – provides ultimate control of paint output: squeeze firmly to create long drips and splatter effects, or use restraint for bold strokes and clean dots. Available in three sizes – 10mm, 15mm, and 23mm – The round synthetic mohair nib allows unique circular line work, shapes and patterns – from thin, to broad. 

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  13. Ironlak 3mm Paint Marker set (Primary Colors)

    3mm Bullet Nib. Set includes 4 markers with the Pump Action valve system.
    Resistant to UV.
    Water based acrylic.
    Can be applied on most surface.

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  14. Molotow Permanent Paint Alchool Refill 125ml

    Time for some action!
    The ink of the Permanent Paint refills is highly-opaque and permanent. Moreover, it is perfectly suitable for an application on rough surfaces with the Dripstick™ Rollerball. Besides plain colors, there are also metallic color shades.

    highly opaque
    for indoor and outdoor use
    8 color shades
    compatible with Dripstick™ Rollerball
    filling quantity: 125 ml

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  15. Stylefile Allround 12 Marker Set (Neutral Grey)

    The new stylefile marker allround really deserves its name! With the Stylefile Marker Allround 12er Set Main A you can see for yourself how versatile this pen really is. You'll get a fineliner-tip for precise lines and a roundtip for bigger coloured surfaces and thick lines.

    - alcohol ink specifically developed for our purposes
    - without xylol; low-odour
    - solid tips from the brand leader
    - marked fineliner- and roundtip
    - precise lines and widespread colour rendering with only one pen
    - colour marking at the lid
    - plain, ergonomic design

    The Stylefile Marker Allround 12er Set Main A contains:

    118 (yellow ochre)
    164 (lemon yellow)
    216 (orange)
    362 (carmine)
    460 (azalea purple)
    466 (deep violet)
    518 (cerulean blue)
    552 (cobalt blue)
    644 (viridian)
    652 vivid green)
    816 (natural oak)
    900 (black)

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  16. OTR.901 SoulTip Paint (210ml)

    New and improved formula!

    OTR.901 is high-quality alcohol-based paint for multi-purpose use. This high-glossy super permanent paint has a highly opaque coverage thanks to strong enrichment with pigments. Developed for the ON THE RUN SOULTIPTM squeezer marker series, it also works perfectly with many other artist tools.

    For indoor & outdoor use. Works on walls, metal, canvas, mixed media, wood, plastic, glass, stone, leather, and many other surfaces.

    The OTR.901 can be used with any paintbrush, air brush, in most pump action valve markers, or in any mob & squeeze marker etc.

    Shake passionately before every use until the mixing balls are clearly audible. 


    Universal ON THE RUN refill
    alcohol-based paint 210 ml
    Multi-purpose use!
    Covers everywhere!

    • high glossy finish
    • highly opaque thick coating
    • highly enriched with pigments
    • super permanent
    • weatherproof

    Optimized for the ON THE RUN SOULTIP squeeze marker series.


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  17. Krink K-90

    Unique pump-action. Steel roller-ball tip.
    Comes in 2 opaque colors. 26 ml.
    Alcohol-based paint. No harmful solvents.
    Fade and water resistant.
    Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Handmade in the USA.

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  18. Grog Cutter 15 XFP

    Equipped with 15mm Quickflow™ tip, this Cutter will stick to ya hands. A real classic for any tagging lover, revised and improved but, mostly, refillable on and on!

    Refill with Xtra Flow Paint 100

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  19. Molotow 127HS Display - Complete Set

    The new ONE4ALL Complete Set including 64 x 127HS Marker, 4 x 127HS-EF fine marker and 2 x 111EM empty markers. Buy this bundle and save 15% on regular price!

    • Exchangeable 2 mm round tip / 2mm fine nib acrylic-based
    • Highly pigmented, silk matt
    • For nearly all surfaces
    • Highly opaque, fast drying
    • Good UV resistance
    • Dilutable with water (for transparency effects) or acetone (1-3% for permanence on greasy or very smooth surfaces)
    • Easy, fast & clean refillable with MOLOTOW™ REFILL EXTENSION
    • Patented capillary system
    • Replacement nibs available here

    The colors included in this set are; 

    • 1 x zinc yellow 006
    • 1 x DARE orange 085
    • 2 x traffic red 013
    • 1 x burgundy 086
    • 2 x shock blue middle 161
    • 2 x true blue 204
    • 1 x petrol 027
    • 2 x currant 042
    • 1 x violet dark 043
    • 1 x neon pink 200
    • 2 x lagoon blue 206
    • 2 x grashopper 221
    • 2 x KACAO77 UNIVERSES green 222
    • 2 x MISTER GREEN 096
    • 1 x future green 145
    • 1 x amazonas light 205
    • 1 x hazelnut 092
    • 1 x lobster 010
    • 1 x ocher brown light 208
    • 2 x signal white 160
    • 2 x signal black 180
    • 2 x vanilla pastel 115
    • 1 x sahara beige pastel 009
    • 2 x peach pastel 117
    • 2 x skin pastel 207
    • 1 x lago blue pastel 020
    • 1 x lilac pastel 201
    • 1 x ceramic light pastel 202
    • 1 x blue violet pastel 209
    • 2 x cool grey 203
    • 1 x nature white 229
    • 2 x shock blue 230
    • 2 x fuchsia pink 231
    • 2 x magenta 232
    • 1 x purple violet 233
    • 1 x calypso middle 234
    • 1 x turquoise 235
    • 2 x poison green 236
    • 2 x grey blue light 237
    • 2 x grey blue dark 238
    • 2 x neon green fluorescent 219
    • 2 x neon yellow fluorescent 220
    • 2 x neon orange fluorescent 218
    • 2 x neon pink fluorescent 217
    • 1 x 127HS-EF signal white 160
    • 1 x 127HS-EF signal black 180

    Please note: If a color is sold out, it will not be charged/added to your cart.

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    To: USD$243.47

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  20. Molotow Refill Ink (25ml)

    25ml- Its small size will fit in your pocket and its an easy way to refill your markers. Awesome for the on-the-go artist! Alcohol based ink, permanent indoors, but colors will fade in the sun.

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  21. Sakura solid marker

    Bold tip- Marks any surfaces! Use it without problems on rough surfaces like wood, cement and rusty metal. Once you apply the paint, it will last forever!

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  22. Molotow 657 TF (Transformer Marker - Chisel Nib)

    Permanent Ink Pump-Marker System, alcohol-based, 11mm chisel tip, Flowmaster™ valve , long body. In addition to the refillable body, it has miscellaneous exchange tips. When using the different exchange heads, all tips (with different widths) can be put on top of the Transformer body. This way this Transformer can be pimped from 4 mm to 50 mm! The flexibility of this marker can hardly be outdone.

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  23. Junobo MOP Marker

    0.5" tip- Junobo Paint's 2oz Mop Markers allow for great flow control. The tip is very durable, which allows you to refill the marker over and over before replacing it. They are available in nine bold colors. The paint is permanent, durable, and fade-resistant. Excellent for drippy styles and outdoor use. These are by far the highest quality paint markers we have.

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  24. Grog refill (Full Metal Paint)

    200 ml. The new enamel paint line by Grog. At first available in white and silver only, Grog Full Metal Paint is now available in many colors, three of them fluorescent. Thanks to its new formula, the colours are bright but also permanent, highly covering and with a finish so glossy you could see your reflection in it! Also, the Full Metal Paint shades can be blended between them, in order to obtain always new and personal colours. Full Metal Paint is perfect to refill any marker but it gives its best in couple with Grog Squeezer.

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  25. Krink marker (K-73 Bleed Thru)

    0.25" tip, Bleed Thru ink marker- The K-71 Marker from Krink are filled with premium Krink ink and are permanent on any smooth surface (cardboard boxes, metal, glass). This ink will "Bleed Thru" several coats of paint! Broad chisel tip for hitting those thick lines. Highest quality. Handmade in NYC.

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