Glorious Attitude

There’s no glory without attitude. And so Wholetrain Press opens a new editorial era to improve the depth of the Glorious project, taking it to the next level: ATTITUDE. If Glorious was an overview of work from the most active Italian (and not) trainbombers, Glorious ATTITUDE instead is a series of special monographic-books dedicated to the most worthy exponents of the made-in-Italy graffiti world. ATTITUDE is also a report documented through exclusive pics and statements which, chapter after chapter, create a sort of personal diary. Somehwere between déjà vu and sensations to which only those who have spent nights in rail yards can relate, Glorious ATTITUDE accompanies a continuously evolving phoenomenon, focusing on its main characters one at a time, in order to express every trainbomber’s subculture. The first book in the series comes from the ML’S crew and features Cook, an eclectic monster of the commuter-battle who has been for years setting on fire the northern Italy lines in particular. He is a character in a class of his own and as real a writer as they come. ATTITUDE offers a cross section made of pure style, lettering, colour and steel. Merry trainspotting to everybody.

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