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FLAME Orange Diamond Pack (9 Cans)

Quick Overview

The Diamond Packs are two things: 1) Awesome Colors, 2) the BEST PRICE on Molotow Premium cans!!

Those are the packs you were waiting for... And they come with 25 FREE TIPS!

Let us do the color selection and save... I told you, this is the best deal you can get!!

In Stock

Regular Price: USD$52.45

Special Price: USD$46.00


  • Great
    Review by Seboon / (Posted on 12/12/2017)
    Have messed around with flame before and its great paint very controllable for being a high output variable pressure can smells great and has some amazing colors that just pop
  • I enjoyed the cans so much about to buy more
    Review by Siin / (Posted on 9/15/2017)
    Was such an amazing deal for these cans i cant even complain about them.
  • Worth it
    Review by gabriel / (Posted on 9/11/2017)
    If you are new to flame this is a good pack to start with.
  • Great for fills
    Review by Daniel / (Posted on 6/30/2017)
    Great for filling in pieces! Tough can control trying to small lines but that is what you get with high pressue!
  • Nice paint
    Review by Jose / (Posted on 5/24/2017)
    Love the color just why the run out so fast great overall will purchase again
  • Super happy
    Review by Roswell / (Posted on 4/14/2017)
    Bought this to try out some spray-cans for the first time and they completely killed it. Got a good color variety ended up with exactly what I had hoped for, and the colors came out outstandingly vibrant. Will be back for more.
  • Always my go to option when funds are low but quality work is needed!
    Review by "ReskOne" / (Posted on 3/14/2017)
    Odered a pack of these to try it out and ended up paying less than i would if i went to any store for krylon or rusto. Can for can its a better deal and better quality. The colors really pop and the light colors cover really well. Remember its a high pressure can so i like to make my pieces huge with these so i have more room to add detail. This paint is absolutely perfect for bombing, lays thick, sprays quick, and stands out like a boss. Never had a can clog on me yet!! The damage i could do with a pack of these bad boys, i could visit a random city stay a couple nights empty these cans and leave a proper yet stylish and rememerable mark.
  • Great Deal!!
    Review by K_jeezy / (Posted on 4/4/2016)
    Great product! Bought one to try it out since it was so affordable and I fell in love and had to buy another. Running low now about to buy it for the 3rd time.
  • Clean Colors
    Review by Giovanna / (Posted on 3/21/2016)
    Each color was smooth and covered well. The white actually comes out white too. They don't take long to dry either.
  • This paint was amazing
    Review by Tyler / (Posted on 10/9/2015)
    This paint was amazing i haven't used anything that good before! The colours just make some pieces pop. I've found it really hard to Use them all because i don't want them to run out!

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