Ex Animo: Faith 47

Ex Animo is the most complete collection of the work
of Faith 47. Faith 47 is a self-taught artist, everything she
has learned comes from the street. Faith was born in the
graffiti world and was a very active writer in South Africa
until she started traveling and painting in the streets of the
world, especially in problematic places that needed media
attention. Anyone can make art in the streets, but a rare few
create socially impactful content, and there is no denying
that Faith’s work has transformed perspectives among
her global audience. Her name Faith symbolizes her trust
and hope in humanity, symbolizes the trust with which she
navigates through the world, and her name reaches beyond
identity, becoming symbolic of a motivation to create art
for progress. Following Murakami, Faith writes “We need to
stop the debates on our age and open our hearts so that
we can see better”. With the contribution of Kristin Farr
of Juxtapoz and more than 150 color images, Ex Animo
presents itself as the most comprehensive anthology of
the work of the South African artist Faith 47.

  • Hardcover: 232 pages
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 1.2 x 11.4 inches
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