Erosie (Part of Rebellion 3)

128 pages, softcover. Third edition in this remarkably successful series is devoted to one of the greats of the Dutch and European street art scene, Erosie. Active since 1993, Erosie has developed a totally unique style that in his own words "...looks for parallels between and the nuances of the graffiti-codes, the illustrated image, commercial visual language and the traditions of art..." His goals are to use, confirm, deny or question these fields visually and/or conceptually in the quest to define his own personal visual language, which is a mixture of street art and pop art. He uses humor, mixes graffiti lettering with typography, challenges us with puns and wordplay and his illustrative style is a cross between Edward Gorey and Robert Crumb — think no further than the headless chicken or the two rappers, Jay-Z and Nas, battling it out in cartoon form.

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