City Limits Issue 7

Its back!! This 84 page color zine is packed with graffiti from Detroit. New logo is done by Army TSR. This issue features a tribute section to BOTH Tead and Loaf. We are doing something a lil different this time by donating half of the zine sales to help arts in youths in Detroit, that will be donated in Tead and Loaf names. Each order will include a sticker to match the cover logo.

Writers included in this issue are:
Tead, Loaf, Stori, Far, Tom, Vomit, Iges, Yogrt, Elmer, Hael, Fobek, Gash, Dems, Daser, Hunt, Rslee, Aest, Weez, Gray, Sekt, Amoe, Sohoe, Feis, Esey, Koze, Zuer, Droid907, Sore, Swan, Jasp, Kosek, Repht, Afri, Mince, Scech, Kuma, Rawr, Thor, Naked, Brite, Jetske, Oger, Pack, Whas, Sufer, Anice, Hoer, Kias, Aires, Army, Rian, Head, Ender, Minus, Mozik, Esar, Money, Kozmo, BMT

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