City Limits Issue 6

City Limits Issue 6

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Its back! Issue 6 is an 88 page color zine. Its packed with graff found in Detroit with your favorite writers. Cover logo done by Yogrt. Spotlight Interview with Kosek.

Writers that you'll find in this issue in no particular order:

Sekt, Meme, Ridle, Loaf, Melo, Naked, Snoe, Sinek, Porno, Cuate, Eskae, Heist, Helm, Ed, RK, Hitop, Ruets, Horse AL, Wave, Taxer, Spain, Yacht, Suey, Aires, Kias, Omes, Zeam, Begr, Yogrt, Drama, Tenfold, Stori, Fyer, Hael, Wyse, Niets, Elmer, Gash, Paid, Yeah, Denz, Bio, Dyke, Plzr, Pack, Jmack, Touch143, Rawr, Tead, Amoe, Fresh, Sohoe, Gray, Zuer, Dems, Sew40, 2Buck, Feis, Teck9, Porfa, Trap, AM, Kuma, Skape, Trav, Whas, Vhue, Vhrs, Royl, RY, Brite, isyk, Pear, Eye, Kosek, Anice, Sufr, LU, Semi, Rian, Suer, Droid907, Womp, Zewoh, Awfuk, Skrape, Daze, Adsix, Gare, Nehi, Voyer, Kuthe.

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