City Limits Issue 5

"City Limits is back with another round of your favorite Detroit Graffiti. This issue features the cover tag by Brzm, see the evolution of Pack in the Spotlight Section, a very special tribute to the late 2Buck, The On the Run Crew as the featured crew and endless spots from local and out of town writers. It's 90 total pages, all color. Each copy comes with a vinyl sticker that matches the cover logo.
The 1st 3 issues include a sticker pack with various writers. Don't miss out!

Complete writer list is as follows (not in any particular order):
Elmer, Aires, Sohoe, Amoe, Tead, Reft, Porab, Yogrt, Jmack, Melo, Dealo, High5, Esar, Pack, Sekt, Mince, Stori, Rawr, Teck9, Loaf, Head, Sew, 4Eyes, Naked, Geist, Nate, Okay, Rehab, Sloe, Yaoh, Astro, Esey, Army, Touch143, Hoots, Purge, Gasm, Dyke, Royl87, Suey, Pear, Dems, Salut, Paid, Reds, Ticoe, Task, Depht, Doer, Revok, Niets, Blah, Fucte, Hael, Tenzr, Begr, Esteh, Lousy, Daks, Reck, Gash, Cosmo, Dkoy, Chub, Kuma, Porfa, Daze, Rusle, Taxer, FTMD, Blink, Weezy, Fleks, Sabot, Steel, Harsh, Adek, Jaroe, You Go Girl, Pose, Gable, Omens, Fresh, Gray, Omes, Nozle, Doher, Purple, RY, Semi, Dr. Sex, Eder, Soup, Brite, Days and Malvo."

**Free custom sticker packs for the 4 first four magz sold

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