City Limits Issue 4

Issue 4 is 76 pages of graff from the streets of the D. This issue has a special LD Crew section. To continue with the LDeez, we put Reft LD/DFW under the Spotlight and Elmer LD/DFW designed the logo. The sticker pack (available to the 1st 25 copies) is heavily LD influenced.
Writers found in issue 4:
Elmer, Hael, Aires, Yogrt, Niets, Begr, Jmack, Amoe, Army, Fyer, Rawr, Stori, Head, Dems, Mince, Nate, Zuer, Loaf, Okay, Geist, Ry, Condor, Vieks, Weezy, Semi, Jekyl, Hide, Brzm, Revok, Este, Suey, Purpl, Rime, Persue, Plzr, Porab, Swan, Trav, Dealo, Melo, Sew, Esey, Naked, Nozle, Kosher, Purge, Arch, High5, Tead, Taxer, Astro, Sloe, Rehab, Yaoh, Blah, Fucte, Gray, Noteef, Snacki, Merk, Pear, Roid, Repht, Sohoe, Pack, 2Buck, Jigl, Horse, Gasm, Berak, Sabot, Seapo, Sars, Post, Holms, Kink, Durag, Vatoe, Cnue, Qaek, Phers, Amuse126, Teck9, Snoe, Scech and NC17.

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