City Limits Issue 9

City Limits Issue 9

Issue 9 is a 72 page full color zine of graffiti found in Detroit. This issue features a 10 page tribute to Teck 9. Within this section, there are stories shared by a few of his closest friends thru the years. RIP Teck9 


The cover logo was done by Sohoe GSAK/DFW. Each issue will include a vinyl logo sticker that matches the cover.   


As always City Limits thanks you for all for your continued support to allow us to keep making these zines documenting the scene in Detroit.


Writers included in Issue 9 are:

Teck 9, Sohoe,  Gash,  Werst,  Dems,  Whas,  Sekt, Hael, Begr, Tenzer, The Yok, Rawr, Elmer, Yaoh, Zuer, Kube, Sew, Esey, Feis, Vary, Aires, Kias, Fresh, Amo, Brzm, Konqr, Pack,  Skrape, Porfas, Yogrt, Teka, Anice, Sufr, Shark, Purge, Eater, Skryb, Don't, Yars, Nozle, Jmack, Itse and Spek.

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