Bomb Germany DVD

The ones who can reminisce a bit may remember the two forerunners Bomb Berlin DVD and Bomb Berlin Special DVD. Bomb Germany is the third part of the series, continuing the tradition of its ancestors. This time, the target area was widened on Germany (for example: Berlin, Hamburg, Dessau, Magdeburg, Kassel...)
In order to give the whole thing a kind of documentary character, there are, alongside the current stuff, also recordings dating back to more than 10 years. So the scene is portrayed comprehensively. MUSICALLY the movie is inspired by a great choice of Hip Hop tracks that fit and give pleasure.
There´s also a short picture gallery in the BONUS section. 
Running time: 60 minutes + BONUS
Item no: DV15103

**Imported DVD, your DVD player should be able to play multi-zone DVDs
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