Berlin Damagers DVD

The Berlin Damagers DVD brings you hard-hitting graff-action from the german capital directly to your home! In HD and with the following artists:
Akor, Abis, Azur, Blok, Buzz, Ham, Krad, Mack10, Reak, Shus, Sok, Shade, Six, Trus, Tin, Trik, Tron, Tour & Wine! You want an hour full of fat graff action, fat hip hop beats and a track especially recorded for the DVD? Then this 'gloomy, atmospheric film about the hard core of the Berlin subway train writer elite' should not missing in your DVD collection!
Running time: 60 minutes, language: german, picture format: 16:9, HD quality.

**Imported DVD, your DVD player should be able to play multi-zone DVDs

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