BANDIT-1$M Beanie Pom Oh Merde (Burgundy)

BANDIT-1$M Beanie Pom Oh Merde (Burgundy)

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This cap is perfect to face the winter. 100% acrylic knit hat.

Ideal blend of the US and French cultures: the iconic Dodgers inspired design meets a racy French exclamation. “Oh merde” (“Oh shit!”) is oh so French, oh so cool, and can be used in virtually any situation.

One of the classic and bestseller of Bandit1SM x 123klan

Easy to match with your favorites sneakers.

Our streetwear clothing shop is packed with gorgeous, graphic Gear such as this one. Easy to match with your favorites sneakers

Exclusively designed by Scien and Klor for their independent  streetwear brand Bandit-1sm x 123Klan.


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