Back Jumps - The Live Issue 3

320 pages, paperback- Since 2003, the nationally acclaimed and unique exhibition series BackJumps - The Live Issue has had sensational impact and successes in Berlin. The Backjumps team, built around curator Adrian Nabi, successfully wrapped their third major Live event, in late 2007. While gallery owners and professionals of the culture sector were left rubbing their eyes and the conservative tabloid newspapers elevated the project s profile with cries of scandal, approximately 50,000 enthusiastic art lovers made a pilgrimage to the exhibitions and numerous Backjumps-related side events in Kreuzberg.
BackJumps - Live Issue # 3 , the three-dimensional Live edition of the legendary Backjumps magazine, once again brought the street art scene together to view works of numerous international artists under one roof. In addition to the actual exhibition, several workshops, panel discussions, lectures, urban walks and partner exhibitions took place. Several large scale murals were painted throughout the city under the Backjumps banner and of course, throughout the course of the events, the streets of Berlin were as alive and visual as ever.

All this and much more can be found in the From Here To Fame s newly published 320-page (catalogue-)book, BackJumps - Live Issue # 3 , which, in keeping with former editions, strikes a bold note with its revolutionary design. The book gives the reader an allinclusive tour of the exhibition rooms, describing with brilliant images and thoughtful texts, the work of the 24 artists and projects. Additional information and numerous other works of each individual artist are also found in the extensive artist chapter of the catalogue. With the book s retrospect of Live Issues # 1 and # 2, light is shed on the Backjumps scandal , and the impact that the expositions have had on the Berlin art scene. POET 1 examines the story of the Backjumps magazine, from its humble beginnings to its present day success, while CEMNOZ, CHEECH and DON M. ZAZA elucidate the depths of their style philosophy. Select photographs of the side events, careful documentation of the painted murals and a large chapter on street art that includes more pictures, essays and academic treatises make this volume a must-have for more than just avid lovers of writing and street art.

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