Also Known As v1 Book (Silver)

Also Known As v1 Book (Silver)

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Also Known As is a 190-page, full-color, perfect-bound, graffiti-obsessed, street culture bible. The focus is nothing short of dear, dirty destruction; the glorious variety of fuck-you graffiti that offers no attempt to make friends. Absolutely every page is pure unadulterated content, without room for advertisements or nonsense.

Each copy of Also Known As Volume 1 is individually numbered and comes with a kiss-cut sticker sheet, two special fold-out posters, vinyl stickers and more. All of this results in the most elegantly filthy graffiti and street culture publication that still maintains as the gold standard for graffiti publications.

Featuring: Futura, Kaws, Todd James aka Reas, Crude Oil, Ket, KR, Desa, Cope2, Jee, Ovie, Ghost, Miss17, 323, Skrew, PJay, Skuf, Jest, Earsnot, Seph, Zeus, Veefer, Cap, Os Gemeos, Dero, Noah, Virus, Rebel, Ces, Giant, Merz, Dalek, Crae, Hope, Dash Snow, Miguel Diaz de Lopez, Peter Sutherland, Raven, Demo, Presscott McDonald, Adorn, Peter Rentz, Evan Hecox, jeffstaple, John Duda, Steve Harrington, Kimou Meyer, Max Vogel, Ryan Waller, Harsh Patel, Marco Cibola, Noah Butkus, Pete Christofferson, Dan Funderburgh, Pres Rodriguez, Struggle Inc. & many more.

**Out of print – Original pressing**


– Custom Packaging.
– Silver Cover Edition (Soft Cover).
– 9 x 9 inches.
– 190 full-color pages.
– Kiss-cut Sticker Sheet.
– Assorted Vinyl Stickers.
– 2 Fold-Out Posters.
– Individually numbered.
– ISBN: 0-9768516-1-0

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