3 T-Shirts for $35 !!

This one is a crazy sale! Select your size and we'll send you a special pack of 3 t-shirts to you! (Yes, these tees are from all the brands we carry in the online store!). Save up to 70% on the regular price... At this price, you have nothing to lose. Add it to your cart and see what you'll get! (Limited time offer...)

Regular Price: USD$90.00

Special Price: USD$35.00


  • Best deal I've gotten in awhile
    Review by Hi ones / (Posted on 7/7/2017)
    All three shirts were dope af. This is a really good deal and will probably cope another few in the future.
  • Awesome!
    Review by Alina / (Posted on 11/3/2016)
    2/3 were tot when we got out of the game ;ally perfect! One was likda odd, whitc said ''violence solves everything'' :D And just when we were settled down, and concentrate to arts ;) .. But..Suprice was success!
  • Always a steal!!!
    Review by Phonkadelic / (Posted on 8/21/2016)
    This deal is always golden! I'm always a bit curious beforehand & wondering if it'll be worth it, but I have now copped this deal twice & been stoked both times! The first time was over a year ago & I remember being equally stoked about all 3 of the shirts, & each shirt was worth more than $35 by itself originally!! This time as soon as I opened the box I knew that I was set because they sent me a Wu-Tang shirt! I didn't even realize they had the Wu in the store, but it was meant to be, as well as an OBEY baseball style T with the longer sleeves, & some random sort of lame Rocksmith shirt. But I would have paid $35 for just the Wu & OBEY! They were each like $42 originally or something crazy like that, so it was definitely a steal. Shoutout to BombingScience!!!
  • Great!
    Review by Cassandra / (Posted on 7/19/2016)
    Was an awesome surprise, and they all looked great and fit great! Thanks!!!
  • Great Deal
    Review by Patmo / (Posted on 9/30/2015)
    Was a little nervous at first when I decided to go for this deal but became super stoked once the package arrived. Got three sick T's all looking super fresh and cant complain about them. Only problem I had was I asked for medium and they gave me one large, but luckly it dosnt look too big on me.

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